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SUSAN H., DDr. (Dress Doctor)

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Luminary Lab Certification| AUSTRALIA

Fashion Psychologist

I successfully completed the Luminary Lab Program in Level 3 Fashion Psychologist (DDr.) at the Fashion Psychology Institute, New York City. I was under the supervision and mentorship of Fashion Psychologist, Professor Dr. Dawnn Karen. I have been officially certified as Australians first Fashion Psychologist. My qualification allows me to consult clients, work on campaigns and conduct research. I hold a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Western Sydney University and a Diploma in Community Services (Youth Work) from the Sydney Institute of Technology. Also, hold a full registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)(Registration Number-PSY 0001633361) and I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). I am approved to provide NSW Workcover and CTP services and is a South Western Sydney Primary Health Network provider. I have many years’ experience as a Psychologist and works with a diverse group including the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse population and have extensive experience in working with adolescents, adults and organisations within government, non-government and private settings. I have experience in conducting a number of psychometric assessments and writing expert witness reports. I have created and presented a number of workshops on the following issues; stress management, pain management, communication skills, return to work, mental health and well-being, anxiety and depression.


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Mirror Reflections Certification| CANADA

Hello, my name is Claire D. and I recently completed the Mirror Reflections Course from the Fashion Psychology Institute. I joined the Institute because it ties in two big interests of mine- fashion and psychology. I believe strongly in, and am passionate about, ‘styling from the inside out’—the personal power and inner transformation that is evoked and effected when an individual is wearing the correct garments for their body shape, lifestyle, personality, and psychology. Fashion should not be overlooked as a powerful tool in how we present ourselves to the world and feel about ourselves. I hope to start my own Image Consulting business and work with clients as I am also a Certified Image Consultant. Asides from being interested in fashion, I am also a fitness instructor, animal lover and avid reader.


Fiorella A.jpg

Closet Chronicles Certification| ITALY

8 years have passed and I still don't know the roads, but that's another story! In Gran Milan I worked for companies that really trained me and made me grow in many ways: I learned the dynamics of the web, refined my marketing skills and deepened techniques and strategies. In the meantime, I took some time to return to the university where I obtained a Master's degree in Public and Corporate Communication and I obtained a certificate of specialization in Digital Media Management. Training is part of one of my beliefs and stimulates me to deepen my skills and cultivate my passions. For this reason, in 2013 I obtained the qualification of Image Consultant and Personal Shopper; love for fashion has accompanied me since I was very young and I forced my mother to always buy me the latest fashion trends! Today, I have combined my skills with my passions and I have studied the Fashion Therapy approach: the subject that studies how clothing affects behavior, moods and personal communication. I learned to work with this method by first developing my personal channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and the blog, then working to develop the goals of other companies.


Sono passati ormai 8 anni e ancora non conosco le strade, ma questa è un’altra storia! Nella Gran Milan ho lavorato per aziende che mi hanno veramente formata e fatta crescere sotto tanti aspetti: ho imparato le dinamiche del web, affinato le mie competenze in ambito marketing e approfondito tecniche e strategie. Nel frattempo, mi sono ritagliata un pò di tempo per tornare all’università dove ho conseguito una Laurea Magistrale in Comunicazione Pubblica e d’impresa e ho ottenuto un attestato di specializzazione in Digital Media Management.

La formazione, fa parte di uno dei miei credo e mi stimola ad approfondire le mie competenze e coltivare le mie passioni.

Proprio per questo, nel 2013 ho conseguito la qualifica di Consulente di Immagine e Personal Shopper; l’amore per la moda mi accompagna da quando ero molto piccola e obbligavo mia madre a comprarmi sempre le ultime tendenze fashion!

Oggi, ho unito le mie competenze alle mie passioni e ho studiato l’approccio Fashion Therapy:  la materia che studia come l’abbigliamento influisca con i comportamenti, gli stati d’animo e la comunicazione personale.

Ho imparato a lavorare con questo metodo sviluppando prima i miei canali personali quali Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest e il blog, poi lavorando per sviluppare gli obiettivi di altre aziende.




Summer Couch Sessions Certification| AMERICA

 I joined the Fashion Psychology Institute to change the narrative of the fashion industry. I wanted to expand my knowledge in Fashion Research focusing on consumer shopping behaviors with combining my love for Fashion Trend Forecasting!


I plan to utilize my certification in the Fashion Psychology Field in my Fashion Merchandising business @TheFashionBrandGuru based in

New Orleans, Louisiana to add consulting component for brands and mentor young fashion industry professionals.



Colour Consciously Certification| AUSTRALIA

I just completed the Colour Consciously short course and loved it! My friend dropped off a copy of Dr. Dawnn's

Dress Your Best Life' earlier this year when I had Covid. It really inspired me and consolidated by passion for consumer psychology and fashion in a practical manner. My wardrobe was revamped and reduced and I signed up for the course to see what the theory behind fashion and colours is. It was great to understand the symbolism of colour across Western and Eastern cultures and delve into the impact of colour on me personally. It was a good challenge to retrain my brain to study after being in the marketing industry for 12 years. I have already spread the word to loved ones and colleagues about the course and may pursue further study.



Color Consciously Certification| AMERICA

I took the color consciously course because I read Dr. Dawnn Karen’s book and loved how she related psychology to fashion. I have always been interested inn color and I knew this would be an enriching and meaningful class.

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