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This program includes 6 courses (4 fundamental courses & 2 hot topic courses).

Each course consists of modules with assignments. Schedules can also be adjusted to complete at your own pace.

Graduates of the program earn a certificate of achievement from FPI.

Valid for 1.5 years.

Although available to everyone, this program is tailored to Rwanda Fashion Designers Association students.


Emergence of the Fashion Psychology Field®

This course explores fundamental questions about the origins of the art of dressing by looking at how the concept of Fashion Psychology has emerged. Examines the 19th-century illumination of fashion psychology and, how it was unknowingly interwoven through the fabrics of the 20th century. We ask whether fashion requires the onlooker to view thru an idiosyncratic lens or a collectivistic lens. seeks to explain why the fashion psychology field is needed in today's 21st century.

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A Solution to the Commonly felt Adage "I Have Nothing to Wear".

We have all uttered the common adage "I have nothing to wear" while looking at a closet full of clothing. You probably have pulled out half of your wardrobe and, tried on several different looks. You look into the mirror at your reflection feeling defeated. You finally relent dressing in the last items you tossed to the side. you go about your day with an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction. This course will introduce the fashion psychological solution to the common adage "I have nothing to wear".

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How to Utilize the Power of Color to Design the Perfect Collection

Everyone prefers certain colors over others, and individual preferences

can speak volumes about someone’s personality and attitude. How do we

explain all of this? And how can we use this information to our advantage

when we design and curate collections, to best actualize particular intentions? This course will extensively delve into the relationship between a wide spectrum of shades, mood, and behavior.


Why some Women Love Wearing Heels?

Research published by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland has confirmed that wearing high heels increases the risk of developing bone and muscle problems. So why do many women continue to wear them? Learn about the psychology of walking inches off of the ground.

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