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Headlines / Topics to be taught for an AMC Enthusiast

This program includes 6 courses (4 fundamental courses & 2 hot topic courses).

Each course consists of modules with assignments. Schedules can also be adjusted to complete at your own pace.

Graduates of the program earn a certificate of achievement from FPI.

Valid for 1.5 years.

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The causation and correlation of fashion trends in relation to what's happening in
society now

A huge part of marketing is staying up to date with what is happening in the world and knowing what your consumers want. This means understanding the causation and
correlation of trends. In industrial psychology, causation does not always equal causation.In other words, because two things correlate, it doesn't automatically mean that one thing causes the other. This is helpful in marketing because it can helpful in
understanding the connection between current events and trends.

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How to use fashion to influence the public

There are many ways to make a statement. By using fashion, you can indirectly make a statement. What a public figure wears is essential in sending messages and making a statement. For example, a public figure who is known to wear something modest like an earth tone colored turtleneck can give the impression that they are traditional. When this public
figure wears something bold like the color red and less modest, it lets the public know that her ideals and what she stood for in the past has changed and no longer stands.

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Alter your brand image by strategically using color and/or fashion.

Oftentimes, brands are associated with color and the color gives the brand it's own personality. While rebranding, you can strategically use color in order to have an entirely new feel and ambiance. For example the color yellow and pink represent two entirely different things. If your brand is centered around the color yellow which represents happiness and joy but you want your brand to give off a feminine and gentle feel, you should use the color pastel pink. By changing the color associated with your brand you can now reach your desired audience that intensifies with caring and feminine. Ex: Glossier skin care use of light link represents feminity and minimalism

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How diversity and inclusion can better help fulfill your objectives and reach your
target audience.

Historically, many companies are known for being” traditional “ or in other words non inclusive. With the current generation of adults like Gen Z and millennials being more liberal and open minded, it will be helpful to reach a wide range of consumers by expanding your team with members of all backgrounds and ethnicities.This will be helpful because a diverse team

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Market Yourself Using Color

You are the product : market yourself and create your own brand image using color Much like with a brand, you can give a certain impression based on the color you wear. Historically wearing all black was a political statement meaning that you were apart of the civil rights organization called the Black Panthers. If you want to come across as stern much like the attitudes of the Black Panthers wearing all black may give people this impression. Wearing this influence people believe that you mean business and cant be easily approached with nonsense.

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Using fashion to make direct or indirect political statements about your brand /

Sometimes companies aren’t vocal about where the stand on political issues or worldly problems. Sometimes controversial are used in order to share the companies opinion. Other times if the message that a company wanted to portray about a certain issue was misconstrued, a press release is held. With fashion, you can make a direct but indirect statement about your political beliefs and opinions. A clothing brand can design clothing to make a statement about a specific topic and a business owner can wear an outfit that represents how they feel about the same topic.

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