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The Doris A. Smith foundation is a charitable organization (pending 501(c)(3)) dedicated to offering direct financial support to the children of Wilmington, St Thomas Jamaica. The mission of the foundation is to improve the quality of life for the children of the Wilmington community. The goal of the foundation, is to help with nutritional needs and assist with educational supplies.Your generous contribution will help to fulfill her wish, to assist in the growth and development of every child of the Wilmington community.


Doris A Smith ("Dor Dor" as she is frequently called) is the oldest living resident of Wilmington and the paternal grand mother of Fashion Psychologist Dawnn Karen. As an elder, she has committed herself to supporting and nurturing the children of her community. Her work has led to the establishment of this charitable foundation which will serve to honor her vision of empowerment for all children of Wilmington.

Donor contributions go towards supporting Wilmington Primary School in building a community center and a park. The school is the foundation of Doris A. Smith's mission of providing educational resources and support to the youth. A primary portion of funds and resources donated go back into enhancing the building structure and providing school supplies, student resources, furnishings and standard grounds repairs. Making for a safe, comfortable and imaginative place for students to begin their academic journey.

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