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The Fashion Psychology Institute® (FPI) is internationally acclaimed as the first-ever online institution in the world to offer courses in the new Fashion Psychology Field®.

Albeit the pioneering of the Fashion Psychology Field® began in 2010, FPI was founded in the fashion capital New York , New York in 2014, launched on June 30, 2015, and later incorporated on September 24, 2016.

Students have attended our programs from China, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Japan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Ecuador, The Netherlands, Sweden and the United States of America.  

The institution exists to assist others through its motto

"styling from the inside out, by bridging the gap between perception and reality"™.

Whether you are a practitioner or consumer, you will be able to gain knowledge to take

your look -- and your life -- to the next level  in order to fundamentally help others.


About The Institute

The Crest


January 20, 2015

New York, New York, USA






"Styling from the Inside Out"






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Behind The Fashion Psychology Institute® Mentality

4 Different Textures of a Pioneering Education



A curriculum of convenience. Receive a chance to design your schedule from anywhere in the world!
This allows you to complete your education on your own time to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Automatic curriculum accommodation.
There are known and unknown variations in the human brain regarding learning, sociability, attention, mood, and other mental functions. Brain differences are normal. Therefore we have embedded our curriculum to automatically accommodate neurodiverse individuals.



A curriculum that celebrates differences.
We empower students by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. Our curriculum respects and celebrates uniqueness.



A curriculum where impairment should not impede acquiring an education. We give hearing and visually impaired students the confidence they need to engage with curriculum alongside their peers ensuring that everyone is equally learning.

The Fashion Psychology Institute® Programs

"Styling from the Inside Out by Bridging the Gap Between Perception and Reality"


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Over 1200+

Students Taught

See what students are saying about Dr. Dawnn Karen & her Fashion Psychology Field®


Meet The Pioneer


Upon graduating from Columbia University in 2012, Dawnn Karen pioneered the Fashion Psychology Field®. She has been referred to as the

"Mother of Fashion Psychology" and pioneering mind behind this global field since then, paving the way forward in fashion academia. 


Dr. Dawnn Karen dubbed by The New York Times as "The Dress Doctor" and "The World's First Fashion Psychologist" by The Times holds a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology from Columbia University and is also a former candidate for a Masters in Education from Columbia University. There she has taken 123 credit hours at the graduate level in the psychology discipline which is equivalent to a doctoral degree. She is a former model, fashion public relations representative, and designer. She traveled to the Middle East and Asia to extend the research on her theories under the Fashion Psychology Field® and she worked extensively with clients to expand her field. She decided to turn her focus towards lecturing and speaking engagements since she returned to the United States. Her speaking engagements include the Teachers College, Columbia University, Bowling Green State University,  Kyiv Security Forum per request of Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatensyuk and Former First Lady Tereza Yatensyuk, United Nation's Empower Women  just to name a few. She has also contributed to major networks as an international media expert in more than 40+ countries. Her most notable interviews include Vogue Business, Vanity Fair (Italia), Hello Mag (India), Damernas Vard (Sweden) Tatler (Hong Kong),  Bazaar (Kuwait), The Globe and Mail (Canada), The Financial Times (United Kingdom), Talk Radio Europe (Spain), Style Rotate (South Africa), The Morning Show (Australia), Good Morning Britain, Good Morning America, etc. Ultimately, she has made history as the pioneer of the Fashion Psychology Field® (2010), as one of the youngest professors and first black woman psychology professor in the Social Sciences Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology (2014), by founding the first online institute Fashion Psychology Institute (2015) and by publishing the field's book Dress Your Best Life (US Edition & UK Edition, available in 4 languages) (2020). 

Fashion Psychologist Dr. Dawnn Karen