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This program includes 6 courses (4 fundamental courses & 2 hot topic courses).

Each course consists of modules with assignments. Schedules can also be adjusted to complete at your own pace.

Graduates of the program earn a certificate of achievement from FPI.

Valid for 1.5 years.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Pandemic Fashion Trends

New innovations, lifestyle changes, and mindset shifts are changing the fashion landscape. As with all major societal shifts, the COVID-19 pandemic has created short- and long-term effects on the fashion industry. With this course you will learn how major societal shifts including the COVID-19 Pandemic have had an effect on both short and long term fashion trends.

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Diversity & Inclusion in the Fashion Industry

There is always room to learn and grow- the fashion industry is no different. Throughout this course we will discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, from brand imagery to corporate positions. This course will explore the necessary steps toward implementing positive change.


Online Shopping Trends

Online shopping sales in the US have increased significantly, with a 30% increase in only one year. This online shopping trend indicates a major shift in the fashion industry. With this course you have the unique opportunity to dive deep into the complexities of e-commerce that give companies insight into their consumers and help them personalize their shopping experience.

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First Lady Fashion

Even when we don’t speak, our clothes are screaming our personal agendas. As a member of the general public, we can usually get away with disappearing into the background but a public figure such as the First Lady, says a lot through her fashion choices. This course explores the complexities surrounding symbolism in fashion and how it can spark controversy.

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